St. Martinskirche in Bromskirchen
Bohlstr. 1-  D-59969 Bromskirchen
   The first recorded church in Bromskirchen was built in the year 1150. The establishment of St. Martinskirche began in about the year 1292 with Pastor Heinrich von Gershaussen under the direction of Pope Bonifaz VIII (see the list of pastors shown below).
  Gottschalk Dornseif II  (probably the son of the Honorable Gottschalk Dornseif) was born in 1463 in Siegen, according to the church records of Bromskirchen. He was the priest in Girkhausen, but in1503 (or 1505) he was sent to Bromskirchen where he served as pastor until 1533. Gottschalk II  was a married Catholic priest who then became the first Lutheran pastor in Bromskirchen after the Reformation.  (See the list of pastors shown below)According to this the Reformation must have been introduced in Bromskirchen between 1527 (after the Homberg synod) and 1533.
The following photos appeared in the 1985 St. Martinskirche calendar
(SED) = Photos from Steve Dornseif
Photo by SED
Photo by SED
The keystone of the choir area added in the year 1700
The thorn crown
The Gothic altar crucifix
The Resurrection
The organ
The pulpit from 1652
Church - Interior
Inviting Christ
On the way to Golgatha           The Good Shepherd
The arrival in Jerusalem           Jesus with the Sinner(?)
The organ
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